Public Consultation

Welcome to the 2nd round of public consultation. We invite you to participate in the revision of SAN Standards for Sustainable Agriculture.


Our platform will be fully enabled from January 10 al 02.00 GMT. At that time you will be able to review the current standard draft, the comments received during the first round of public consultation and to provide your new comments
The Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) expects your comments and observations about the new Sustainable Agriculture Standard for producer groups, farms and cattle ranches. We need your valuable inputs, keen perceptions and wisdom of your experience.


The new standard will be published in 2014, after having the approval of the International Standards Committee and the SAN General Assembly (the decision-making bodies of the SAN in the development of standards) and shall be binding for audits approximately one year after.


The SAN is constantly working to update and improve the standard for farms. This becomes a reality by developing new modules for livestock, adaptation and mitigation of climate change, smallholder groups and chain of custody, as well as, important local indicators for the standards.


Periodically, the SAN makes a complete overhaul to its standard for farms that want to promote their products with the Rainforest Alliance Certified ™ seal.


The last revision was made in 2008 for the development of additional criteria for palm oil plantations and sugarcane, which are now included in the current July 2010 version of the standard.


Additional procedures were included in 2009 for the development of the Standard for Sustainable Cattle Production Systems and in 2010 for the SAN Climate Module.


SAN wants to adapt the standards for sustainable agriculture to the small producer scenario - representing more than 90 % of certified farms in our system - as well as, insert additional modules in the standard, work more on innovative elements and ease of interpretation and scoring criteria during certification audits.

The public consultation process began in April 2013 and the second round of consultations will take place from January 10th to March 11th, 2014.


You can share your comments online at SAN Public Consultations and you can also participate in consultation workshops with producers, consumers, scientists, NGOs and other experts. With the support of our regional and local representatives, we will organize workshops in the following countries:




* Place the cursor on the country of your choice to see the details of the city and date of the workshop.